Buses 92, 92N and 550 rerouted in Roihupelto from 29 June

Buses 92, 92N and 550 towards Itäkeskus will be rerouted in Roihupelto in East Helsinki from 29 June. The southbound lane on Viilarintie will be closed between Holkkitie and Tulppatie due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line and buses towards Herttoniemi and Itäkeskus will run from Viilarintie via Holkkitie and Tulppatie back to Viilarintie.

The Holkkitie H4244 bus stop for route 550 to Itäkeskus will not be served. There will be a replacement stop, Karhunkaatajantie H4964, on the northern end of Holkkitie. Also buses 92 and 92N from Myllypuro will serve this stop. However, buses 92 and 92N will not serve the Holkkitie H4245 on Viilarintie towards Myllypuro.

In the opposite directions, the buses will run as usual. Eastbound bus services are expected to return to Viilarintie in early 2021.

Changes to routes and bus stops

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Linjojen 92, 92N ja 550 reittimuutos kartalla tekstin mukaisesti