U-line routes switch to summer timetables on 1 June: changes to routes 191, 192T, 192V, 280 and 455-465

Several U-line routes have been operating a reduced service in the spring due to the coronavirus epidemic. Some routes have been out of operation. The timetables of some routes will change from Monday 1 June school year ends, but most routes continue to operate a reduced service. 

Up-to-date timetables are available in the Journey Planner. Changers are possible. At-stop timetables for these routes may not be up to date. U-line timetables are also available in the Matkahuolto timetable search, www.matkahuolto.fi

New summer timetable for route 191 U191 from 1 June 2020

Route 192T will have two services in each direction Monday to Friday: from Kamppi at 9.45am and 4.10pm and from Et. Laversintie (Siuntio) at about 7.30am and 2.35pm. In addition, route 192V will have two services in each direction Monday to Friday: from Kamppi at 12.40pm and 5.40pm and from Et. Laversintie at about 11.28pm and 4.13pm. Other services are not running. The timetables are available in the Journey Planner from 1 June. Timetables in PDF format:  U192T and U192V from 1 June 2020

There are no changes to the timetables of route 275.

The timetables for route 280 change. There are some new Mon-Fri services as well as Sunday services as well as some minor changes. In addition, from 8 June one departure from Kamppi will get new departure time, Mon-Fri 8.15am, in order to achieve a more even timetable. New timetables in PDF format:  U280 from 8 June

Route 346 has one service in each direction: Mon-Fri from Kamppi at 4.15pm and from Saarijärvi at about 7am.

U-line routes 455-465 serving Nurmijärvi operate a new summer timetable. Route 453 does not operate in the summer. For other routes, there are no changes to weekend services. The weekend routes 953/A and 955/A are still out of operation. The timetables are available onthe operator's website: www.korsisaari.fi

Route 459 has been out of operation since 23 March and it does not operate in the summer.

Route 662 has been out of operation since 27 March and according to current information, it does operate in the summer.

Route 848 continues to run to the timetable implemented on 11 May.

Route 983 operates the same timetable as in the spring.