I and P trains not running between Helsinki Airport, Tikkurila and Helsinki on the night of Sat 1 August – K trains and bus 562N provide additional services

I and P trains will not run between Helsinki, Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport on the night of Saturday 1/ Sunday 2 August from midnight to 6am due to track work. I trains will run from Helsinki Airport via Myyrmäki and Huopalahti to Helsinki to their normal timetables but P trains will not run from the airport via Tikkurila to Helsinki. Some additional train and bus services will operate on certain sections of route.

You can check alternative services, routes and timetables also using the Journey Planner.

The following buses serve the section of route not served by the trains during the disruption:

  • 415N from Helsinki city center and Helsinki Airport via Mannerheimintie, Myyrmäki and Aviapolis
  • 561 between Malmi and Helsinki Airport
  • 562N between Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport via Aviapolis
  • 576 between Tikkurila and Kivistö via Aviapolis
  • 615 between Helsinki city center and Helsinki Airport via Mäkelänkatu and Aviapolis
  • 624N and 631 between Tikkurila and Leinelä

Route 562N will have some additional services.

Service changes on the night of 1/2 August in detail

I trains

  • I trains from Helsinki at 0.06am, 0.36am, 5.06am and 5.36am will be cancelled between Helsinki and Helsinki Airport.
    • Otherwise the trains will run as usual. The trains will depart from Helsinki Airport via Myyrmäki and Huopalahti to Helsinki as usual at 0.34am, 1.04am, 5.34am and 6.04am
  • In addition, the following additional I trains will run:
    • From Helsinki Airport via Myyrmäki and Huopalahti to Helsinki at 1.34am and 2.04am

P trains

  • P trains from Helsinki Airport via Tikkurila to Helsinki at 0.21am, 0.51am, 1.21am, 1.51am and 5.51am will be cancelled between Helsinki Airport and Helsinki.
    • Otherwise the trains will run as usual. The trains will depart from Helsinki via Huopalahti and Myyrmäki to Helsinki Airport as usual at 11.48pm, 0.18am, 0.48am, 1.18am and  5.18am.
  • In addition, the following additional P train will run
    • From Helsinki via Myyrmäki to Helsinki Airport at 4.48am

K trains

  • On the Main Line, some of the cancelled I and P trains will be replaced by the following additional K train services:
    • K trains from Helsinki at 0.06am, 0.36am and 5.06am
    • K trains from Kerava at 0.47am, 1,17am and 5.47am

Bus 562N

  • Bus route 562N,  Helsinki Airport-Aviapolis-Tikkurila-Mellunmäki, will have additional service:
    • From Helsinki Airport at 1.35am (from Aviapolis at 1.40am)