Mestarintie H3150 and Kustaankartano H3148 bus stops relocated on Tuesday 14 July

There will be changes to bus stops on Käskynhaltijantie in Oulunkylä from Tuesday 14 July.

The "Mestarintie" bus stop (H3150) will move back to its original location on Tuesday 14 July. The stop was relocated in May.

The "Kustaankartano" bus stop (H3148) will be relocated some 50 meters forward in the direction of travel.

The stops are served by routes 550 (trunk route), 61, 61T, 61N, 552, 553, 553K and 69. Route 69 will again serve the "Mestarintie" stop H3150. The replacement stop "Mestarintie" H3543 will no longer be served. 

Pysäkit Käskynhaltijantiellä siirtyvät noin 50-100 m. 14.7 alkaen