New bus services to Rykmentinpuisto in Tuusula – Changes to bus routes 963, 964B and 971

There will be changes to public transport services in Tuusula from start of the winter service period on Monday 10 August. Operating hours and headways will remain mostly unchanged but there will be some changes to timetables based on customer feedback we received during the first year of operation. Route 643K will not be launched.

The biggest changes will take place in the Rykmentinpuisto area, which will in the future be served by routes 963 and 971. In addition, information at bus stops will be improved by adding timetable displays and signs at bus stops. The municipality of Tuusula is installing new bus stop shelters to improve waiting conditions.

New bus services to Rykmentinpuisto – route 963 to start operating

A new bus route, 963, will start serving the new Rykmentinpuisto neighborhood. The bus will run from Kerava station via Rykmentinpuisto and Hyrylä to Paijala. Route 964B, Hyrylä– Paijala, will be withdrawn. Bus 971 will be rerouted to run via Rykmentinpuisto.

Route 963 will run every 60 minutes Monday to Sunday. The combined headways for routes 963 and 971 will be about 30 minutes at peak times. In Kerava, the buses will use the same route via Jaakkola, improving the connectivity of northern Jäspilä.

In addition, an extra bus service, 963X will run from Kerava station via Rykmentinpuisto to Hyrylä during the Housing Fair taking place in Rykmentinpuisto 3-30 August. The bus will run every 20 minutes 11.20am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9.20am to 7pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Route of bus 963 from 10 August

Linjan 963 Paijala - Hyrylä - Rykmentinpuisto - Kerava reitti

Route of bus 971 from 10 August

Linjan 971 reitti Rykmentinpuiston kautta