Peak time route 67V, Rautatientori - Torpparinmäki, withdrawn from 10 August

The peak-time route 67V, Rautatientori-Torpparinmäki, operating along Tuusulanväylä will be withdrawn from 10 August. The route has been operating along route 67, which runs via Maunula, but passenger numbers on the route have been low.

Route 67 to Torpparinmäki will replace the withdrawn service. In addition, there are other routes operating along Tuusulanväylä that serve the Yhdyskunnantie bus stops on Tuusulanväylä in Helsinki. The change is part of the adaptation of operating costs to the current financial conditions.  

Linja 67V liikennöinti loppuu 10.8. Korvaava lina 67 Maunulan kautta