Route 432, Kirkka-Kivistö-Petas-Martinlaakso, withdrawn from 10 August

Route 432, Kirkka-Kivistö-Petas-Martinlaakso, will be withdrawn from 10 August.
Passenger numbers on the route have been low on the section of route not served by other routes. When the route is withdrawn, there will no longer be public transport to Kirkantie. The City of Vantaa will provide school transport in the Kirkka area.

Route 443 to Vestra will provide alternative service in the Keimolantie area. Other routes serving Kivistö and Martinlaakso provide replacement for southbound journeys from Kivistö. The change is part of the adaptation of operating costs to the current financial conditions. 

Route 432 on map

Linjan 432 reitti kartalla