Siltavoudinkuja bus stops (H3124 and H3125) for route 64 temporarily relocated from Wed 29 July

The "Siltavoudinkuja" bus stops (H3124 and H3125) will be relocated from Wednesday 29 July due to refurbishment of bus stops on  Siltavoudintie. The stops are expected to remain in the termporary locations until 26 August. The stops are served by route 64. 

The "Siltavoudinkuja" stop H3124 will be relocated some 200 meters forward in the direction of travel. The "Siltavoudinkuja" stop H3125 will be relocated some 50 meters forward in the direction of travel.

Pysäkit Siltavoudinkuja H3124 ja H3125 siirretään väliaikaisesti ke 29.7 alkaen