Terminus for bus routes 532 and 533 in Matinkylä to change on 10 August

The terminus for bus routes 532 and 533 in Matinkylä will change temporarily on Monday 10 August. The terminus will change to Kalastajanmäki due to construction work on Matinkatu.

The buses will be rerouted to run along Suomenlahdentie. The buses will serve the “Tynnyritie” (E3140 and E3177, formerly called “Leilitie”) and “Kalaonni” bus stops (E3136 and E3142). The departure stop is the same as for route 531, “Kalatorppa” (E3143).

The bus will no longer run to Matinkatu and will not serve the “Matinristi” (E3103) departure stop or the “Kala-Maija” (E3115) arrival stop.

The new route and timetables are available in the Journey Planner; remember to enter a search date after 10 August. Timetables in PDF format are available in the printable timetables.

The arrangement is expected to remain in place until the end of 2020.

Map showing the new route of buses 532 and 533 in Matinkylä:

Kartta linjojen 532 ja 533 uudesta reitistä Kalastajanmäkeen