Changes to bus stops in Karakallio with the launch of trunk route 200 on 10 August

Trunk route 200 launches on Monday 10 August. The new route replaces route 235. Journey times on trunk routes are shortened e.g. by reducing the number of stops.

The new trunk route serves the "Karakallion keskus" (E1845) and "Rastaskukkula" (E1848) stops in the direction of Elielinaukio. In the direction of Espoon keskus, the bus serves the "Poutahaukanpolku" (E1841) and "Karakallion keskus" (E1846) stops. The "Poutahaukanpolku" stop will be relocated eastwards in a few weeks time.

The "Poutahaukanpolku" stop (E1842, eastbound) and the "Rastaskukkula" stop (E1859, westbound) will no longer be served from Monday 10 August.

Routes 214, 224 and 225/K, night bus 235N and neighborhood route 229 continue to serve the "Leppälinnunrinne" (E1861) and "Karakallionkuja" (E1843 and E1844) stops. In addition, route 215 serves the "Leppälinnunrinne" stop.

Read more about trunk route 200:

Stops serves by trunk route 200 are marked with an orange circle.
Stops served by other routes are in blue and stops no longer served are in red.

Kartta poistuvista ja korvaavista pysäkeistä

A more detailed map of the stops at the junction of Rastaalantie and Karakalliontie:

Tarkempi kartta poistuvista ja korvaavista pysäkeistä Rastaalantien risteyksessä