U lines 192T and 192V switch to autumn timetables on 13 August

U lines 192T and 192V will switch to autumn timetables on Thursday 13 August.
U lines 192 and 192K switched to autumn timetables on Monday 10 August.

Timetables for the routes in PDF format:  u192/K/T/V from 13 August 2020

All the timetables will be available in the Journey Planner by 13 August.

U lines are bus services whose routes extend beyond the HSL area. HSL tickets are accepted on U lines for journeys beginning and ending within the HSL area. For journeys beginning or ending outside the HSL area (e.g. on route 192 journeys from/to Inkoo, Raasepori and Hanko) you need the bus operator's ticket for the entire journey. The operator is responsible for the route and timetable planning.