Changes to train departure times and platforms at Tikkurila station 20-25 September

There will be changes to train services on the main line between 20 September and 25 September due to track maintenance work between Tikkurila and Hanala. Some trains will depart from Tikkurila a few minutes later than usual and two R trains from Helsinki will depart  two minutes earlier. 

In addition, there will be changes to departure platforms at Tikkurila station. Please listen to station announcements and check the displays at the station for up-to-date information. Information is also available in the Finrail online service The changes to departure platforms are not displayed in real-time in the Journey Planner .

There will be changes to train services at Tikkurila station due to the track work at the following times

Sun 20 September 10.50pm – Mon 21 September 5.20am

Mon 21 September 11.40pm – Tue 22 September 4.40am

In addition: On Tuesday 22 September, the 4.20am and 4.50am R trains from Helsingki will depart from Helsinki two minutes earlier at 4.18am and 4.48am.

Wed 23 September 0.40am-5.15am

Thu 24 September 0.30am-4.30am

Thu 24 September 11.50pm – Fri 25 September 1.15am