Delays and diversion routes in downtown Helsinki on 2–3 October due to Helsinki City Running Day

Helsinki City Running Day will take place on Saturday 3 October. The event includes several races. The races start from next to the Olympic Stadium, where special traffic arrangements will be in place from Friday evening 2 October.

Friday 2 October

Bus 502 will be diverted to run via Helsinginkatu, Ruusulankatu and Eino Leinon katu from 6pm on Friday evening until 11am on Saturday. The "Töölön Kisahalli" stops (H2064 and H2065) will not be served. Instead, the bus will serve the "Ooppera" stops (H2062 and H1332) along the diversion route.

Kartta bussin 502 poikkeusreitistä Oopperan kautta perjantaista kello 18 lauantaihin kello 11

Saturday 3 October, tram services

Tram 6T will run via Kamppi from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, using the route of tram 7. Hietalahti, Bulevardi and Mannerheimintie will not be served.

Kartta ratikan 6T poikkeusreitistä

There will be delays to tram routes 1 and 8 between 11am and 6.30pm when the runners cross Helsinginkatu.
There will be delays to tram routes 6T, 7 and 9 approximately between 2.30pm and 4pm when the runners cross Ruoholahdenranta.
There may also be delays to other routes.

Saturday 3 October, bus services

Bus 14 will not run to Munkkisaari and Hernesaari between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. In Eira, the bus will run along Laivurinkatu, Tehtaankatu and Raatimiehenkatu to the temporary "Neitsytpolku (H1207) terminus on Pietarinkatu. In the direction of Pajamäki, the bus will run from Pietarinkatu via Kapteeninkatu and Tehtaankatu to Laivurinkatu.
The following stops will not be served: "Eiran sairaala" (H1176) in the direction of Hernesaari, "Eira" (H1177 and H1178), "Henry Fordin katu" (H1191 and H1192), "Pihlajasaarenkatu" (H1193 and H1194) and "Hernesaaren laituri" (H1195 and H1196).

Kartta bussin 14 poikkeusreitistä

Bus 18 will not run to its terminus in Eira between 2.30pm and 4pm. The bus will terminate at the previous stop, "Eiran sairaala" (H1176), from where the bus will run to Munkkivuori via Pietarinkatu, Kapteeninkatu, Tehtaankatu and Laivurinkatu.
The "Eira" (H1177 and H1178) bus stops will not be served.

kartta bussin 18 poikkeusreitistä

There will be delays to bus 22 approximately from 2.40pm to 4.30pm when the runners go through Hietalaht.

On route 24S, Seurasaarentie will be closed to traffic from 11.15am to 2pm. The bus will run to Munkkiniemi instead of Seurasaari. The bus will be diverted to run in both directions via Paciuksenkatu and Munkkiniemen puistotie, where the terminus, "Laajalahden aukio" (H1401) is located.
The bus stops along Seurasaarentie will not be served.

kartta bussin 24 poikkeusreitistä Munkkiniemeen päivällä

In the afternoon, bus 24 will not serve Merikatu between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.  The bus will run in Ullanlinna via Kapteeninkatu, Tehtaankatu, Laivurinkatu and Pietarinkatu to its temporary terminus, "Kapteeninpuistikko" (H1205) on Kapteeninkatu. From there, the bus will take its normal route in the direction of Seurasaari. 
The bus will not serve the following stops: "Kapteeninpuistikko" in the direction of Merikatu (H1206), "Meritori" (H1208), "Merikatu" (H1209) and "Neitsytpolku" (H1207).

Kartta linjan 24 poikkusreitistä Ullanlinnassa iltapäivällä

The diversion route of bus 502 via Opera which will take effect on Friday evening will be in place until 11am on Saturday morning, after which the bus will be diverted to run via Eläintarha and Töölön tulli.

On Saturday, bus 502 will run along Helsinginkatu, Vauhtitie, Nordenskiöldinkatu, Reijolankatu and Tukholmankatu from 11am to 6.30pm.
The bus will not serve the following stops: "Töölön kisahalli" (H2064 and H2065), "Ratikkamuseo" (H1328 and H1329), "Linnankoskenkatu" (H1317), "Kirjailijan puisto" (H1318), "Naistenklinikka" (H1320 and H1321) and "Haartmaninkatu" (H1322 and H1323). The bus will serve all stops along the diversion route.

Kartta linjan 502 poikkeusreitistä Eläintarhan kautta lauantaina alkaen kello 11

There may be delays to route 510 in Munkkiniemi when the runners run along the Ramsaynranta public transport street between 3pm and 6pm.

In addition, from 11am to 12noon, buses to/from Elielinaukio will run via Postikatu (when departing) and Postikuja (when arriving) instead of Töölönlahdenkatu. This does not affect the stops served.