Koivukylä School bus stop on Peijaksentie relocated to the east of Laurantie on 17 September

The Koivukylä School bus stop (V7401, "Koivukylän koulu") on Peijaksentie in Havukoski will be permanently relocated to the east of Laurantie on Thursday 17 September. The stop will no longer be served by routes 722, 723, 587, 624, 735, 736 and 736A. Routes 724 and 724N will start serving the stop. The closest stop for routes 722, 723, 587, 624, 735, 736 and 736A is the "Konttitie" (V7437) stop on Laurantie. At the same time, the "Kiulukuja" (V7434) bus stop on Peijaksentie will be permanently closed. 

Koivukylän koulun pysäkki siirtyy Laurantien toiselle puolelle