Trains not stopping at Korso and Savio stations on the night of 1 October

K and T trains will not stop at Korso and Savio stations on the night of Thursday 1 October. Replacement bus 973X will run between Koivukylä and Kerava. The changes are updated in the Journey Planner.

The following four trains will be affected:

From Helsinki:
K train at 0.51am
T train at 1.51am (from Kerava to Riihimäki at 2.30am)

From Riihimäki/Kerava:
T from Riihimäki at 2.58am (from Kerava to Helsinki at 3.32am)
K train from Kerava to Helsinki at 4.05am

The trains will use platform 1 at Kerava station in both directions. There will also other changes to departure platforms at Kerava station, please see the displays at the station for up-to-date information.

Replacement bus

Replacement bus 973X will run between Koivukylä and Kerava via Rekola, Korso and Savio stations. Trains will stop at Rekola as usual but passengers travelling to/from Korso or Savio are adviced to change from bus to train or vice versa at Koivukylä station, where the bus stop is much closer to the station than in Rekola.

Replacement bus 973X will run as follows:

From Koivukylä station:
1.22am (connection to the intermediate stations from the 0.51am K train from Helsinki)
2.06am (connection from the intermediate stations to the 2.29am T train from Kerava to Riihimäki)
2.22am (connection to the intermediate stations from the 1.51am T train from Helsinki)

From Kerava station:
3.18am (connection from the intermediate stations to the 3.41am T train from Koivukylä to Helsinki)
3.37am (connection to the intermediate stations from the 2.58am T train from Riihimäki)
3.50am (connection from the intermediate stations to the 4.13am K train from Koivukylä to Helsinki) 

Special timetables (PDF):  Changes to train services and replacement bus 1-2 October

The replacement bus 973X will serve the following stations:

From Koivukylä to Kerava:
Koivukylä statin, bay 12 (V7009)

Rekola station, bay 11 (V7205)

Korso station, bay 14 (V8128)

Savio: Kaarnapolku, bay 13 (Ke0904)

From Kerava to Koivukylä:
Kerava station, bay 12 (Ke0420)

Savio: Kaarnapolku, bay 14 (Ke0604)

Korso station, bay 11 (V8102)

Rekola station, bay 12 (V7206)

The route and timetables of replacement bus 973X in the Journey Planner:
From Koivukylä too Kerava

From Kerava to Koivukylä

The changes are due to track work between Kerava and Tikkurila.
There will also be minor changes to main line trains between 27 September and  2 October. Read more in another release.