Buses 124K, 164A and 164VA to run to Tillinmäki on 20 October 7am–6pm

Buses 124K, 164A and 164VA which normally run to Salakuljettajantie in Saunalahti will be diverted to run to Tillinmäki on Tuesday 20 October from 7am to 6pm. The buses will take the route of bus 124.

The buses will not serve the following stops: "Saunalahden koulu" (E4230 and E4238, Saunalahti school), "Heimolantie" (E4966 and E4967), "Aarrepuisto" (E4965 and E4969) and the terminus, "Kätköpaikantie" (E4964).
The Saunalahti school bus stop will be served by route 165. Buses 124K, 164A and 164VA will serve all bus stops along the diversion route. 

Bus 164VA (which runs against the flow of rush hour traffic, i.e. in the mornig from Kamppi to Saunalahti and in the afternoon from Saunalahti to Kamppi) will run via the roundabout at the junction of Kompassikatu and Saunalahdenkatu and serve the "Reelinkikatu" stops (E4241 and E4242).

The diversion is due to refurfacing of the turning area.

Kartta linjojen 124K, 164A ja 164VA poikkeusreitistä