Changes to bus stops on Kirkkojärventie at Espoo station on 7 October

The improvement of Kirkkojärventie in Espoon keskus is progressing. On Wednesday morning 7 October, one bus stop will be relocated and there will also be other changes to stop arrangements.

Bay 30 (E6008) will be relocated about 150 meters eastward. The stop is served by route 118 to Tapiola, routes 213 and 213N to Kamppi, route 224 to Leppävaara, route 531 in the direction of Matinkylä, route 542 to Soukka and neighborhood route 169.

In the future, routes 200, 241, 241V, 243, 243V, 244, 245 and 245A terminating at Espoo station will no longer serve bays 30 and 31 (E6008 and E6019) along Kirkkojärventie. These stops will be served by routes running past the station. The routes terminating at the station will drop off passengers at the arrival stop on the station side and depart from bay 32 (E6042).

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