Changes to Z train services and replacement bus between Kerava and Lahti on the night of 31 October

There will be changes to Z train services north of Kerava from Saturday 31 October 10.50pm to Sunday 1 November 6.35am due to interlocking system update. Bus 979X will replace trains between Kerava and Lahti. Some Z trains from Lahti will be cancelled due to the works.

Changes to Z train services in the HSL area on Sat/Sun night

  • Z trains from Helsinki at 11.02pm, 0.02am and 1.30am will terminate at Kerava station. Bus 979X will replace the trains between Kerava and Lahti.
  • Z trains from Lahti at 11.20pm, 0.30am and 6.20am (from Haarajoki at 11.54pm, 1.04am, 6.54am and from Kerava at 0.02am, 1.12am, 7.02am) are cancelled.
    • Replacement bus 979X will run from Lahti to Kerava, where passengers can change to R or Z train to Helsinki.
    • Replacement bus 979X will depart from Haarajoki to Kerava at 0.32am, 1.42am and 6.35am.
  • There will be an additional Z train from Kerava to Helsinki at 2.03am.

At Kerava station, Z trains will mostly use platform 1 to facilitate changing to/from the replacement bus.