Night bus services reduced from 23 October and from 13 November. No services after 2.20am

We are reducing night bus services due to the coronavirus situation. The changes will take place in two phases, on the night of Friday 23 October and on the night of Friday 13 November. Services departing before 2.20am will run, with no changes to timetables. Services departing at 2.21am and after will not operate until further notice. 

The change will not affect routes 562N and 615 serving Helsinki Airport. 

The changes will take effect on the following routes on Friday 23 October:
21N, 61N, 64, 65, 67N, 74N, 77N, 78N, 85N, 87N, 90N, 92N, 94N, 96N, 97N, 112N, 118N, 125N, 134N, 146N, 147N, 173N, 231N, 235N, 624N, 633N, 643N, 717N, 724N and 731N

The changes will take effect on the following routes operated by Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy on Friday 13 November:
18N, 23N, 39N, 40, 43, 79N, 108N, 113N, 114N, 411, 415N, 421, 431N and 436N

In the morning, service will begin as usual at about 4.30am. If you are not sure whether an early morning service you have been using is actually a night service, check the timetables tab in the Journey Planner or the printable timetables. If a journey is listed at the end of night service, it will not run.

The changes have been updated in the Journey Planner. Updated printable timetables will be available on Friday 23 October.

The coronavirus epidemic and restrictions to restaurant opening hours have decreased demand for night time services.