Plotinrinne bus stop (H2225) relocated from Pirkkolantie to Metsäpurontie on 12 October

Update: The stop will return to Pirkkolantie on Thursday, November 5, 2020

The "Plotinrinne" bus stop (H2225) will be relocated from Pirkkolantie to Metsäpurontie on Monday morning 12 October.
The stop is served by trunk route 550 in the direction of Westendinasema, route 51 in the direction of Malminkartano, route 52 in the direction of Munkkiniemi and route 552 in the direction of Otaniemi.

The relocation is due to the construction of light rail line.

Kartassa pysäkin Plotinrinne siirto Pirkkolantieltä Metsäpurontielle