Maunula and Paanutie bus stops relocated on 26-27 January

Stops Maunula (H2237) and Paanutie (H2234) are relocated on Pakilantie on 26-27 January. Stop Paanutie to be relocated on Tuesday and stop Maunula on Wednesday.

Paanutie stop for eastbound buses relocated on 26 Jan

The "Paanutie" stop (H2234) will be relocated some 40 meters in the direction of Patola on Tuesday 26 January. The stop will move back to its original location on the other side of the Paanutie junction. 

The stop is served by buses to the Railway Square, Malmi and Arabia.

Paanutie stop H2234 on map

Paanutien pysäkki kartalla tekstin mukaisesti

Maunula stop for westbound buses relocated on 27 Jan

The "Maunula" stop (H2237) will be relocated on Pakilantie on Wednesday 27 January. The new bus stop shelter is right next to the old one on the current Pakilantie median strip. The old bus stop shelter will be closed. The stop is relocated due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line as the westbound lane is moved to the other side of the  median strip.

The stop is served by buses to Pirkkola and Pakila.