Neighborhood bus route 811 to be withdrawn and route 812 to be shortened from 7 June

A number of changes will be made to neighborhood bus services in Helsinki to achieve cost savings. The changes will take effect on 7 June 2021. Neighborhood route 811, Mellunmäki–Kivikko, will be withdrawn and route 812, Mellunmäki–Herttoniemi, will be shortened to Myllypuro.

Neighborhood route 811 will be withdrawn from 7 June. The route has complemented other public transport and alternative service is provided by routes 57, 94A and 812.

From 7 June, neighborhood route 812 will no longer serve the section of route from Myllypuro to Herttoniemi as the Mullypuro Service Centre moves back to Myllypuro from Herttoniemi. Instead, the bus will run between Mellunmäki and Myllypuro, as the current route 812B.

Route 811 to be withdrawn

Karttal lähibussin 811 poistuvasta reitistä

Change to the route of bus 812 

Kartta linja 812 reitistä joka lyhenee Herttoniemestä Myllypuroon