Bus route 421 to be withdrawn, new trunk bus route 400 to start on 15 August

There will be many changes to bus routes at the start of the autumn timetable season, 15 August. Bus route 421 will be withdrawn and a new trunk bus route 400 will start on 15 August.

Bus route 421, Elielinaukio – Martinlaakso, will be withdrawn from 15 August. The bus will be replaced by new trunk bus route 400. Bus route 335(B) will be rerouted via Vantaankoski station. The bus will run via Martinkyläntie and Kivivuorentie. Bus 335 will run in both directions via Kivimäentie, Kukintie and Martinlaaksontie, linking with trunk bus route 400 and trains.

Route and stops of trunk bus route 400 in the Journey Planner: 

Elielinaukio – Vantaankoski

Vantaankoski station – Elielinaukio

Read more about the changes taking place in Vantaa in August in New bus routes for Central and West Vantaa as well as for North East Espoo The new routes and timetables are already available in the Journey Planner.

Routes of trunk bus 400 and buses 335 and 335B in Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso

Uuden runkolinjan 400 reitti kartalla Myyrmäen ja Martinlaakson kohdalla