Bus route 555B to be withdrawn, new route 522 to start and changes to routes 566 and 565 from 15 August

There will be many changes to bus routes at the start of the autumn timetable season, 15 August. Weekend bus service 555B will be withdrawn. A new bus route 522 will start. Bus 566 will be rerouted and the terminus of bus 565 will move to Myyrmäki.

A new bus 522 will start running from Leppävaara via Hämevaara to Vantaankoski. Bus 522 will replace the withdrawn weekend service 555B. Bus 522 will link with Ring Rail Line trains and trunk bus route 300. The bus will also serve journeys between Lintuvaara and Leppävaara. On their shared section of route between Lintuvaara and Leppävaara, buses 522 and 555 will run about every 10 minutes at peak times.

The terminus of bus 565 will move from Vantaankoski station to Myyrmäki. There will be no other changes to the route. Trunk bus route 400 will replace the withdrawn section of route of bus 565 between Myyrmäki and Vantaankoski. A new service 565B, Myyrmäki–Jupperi–Kolkekanges, will be introduced. The bus will operate until trunk bus 530 starts running in autumn 2023. Bus 565B will depart from the “Heiniemenpolku” stop and terminate at the “Vilniemi” stop. Bus 565B will improve public transport service along Pitkänjärventie as the service frequency of bus 321 is reduced. The new service will also link with trunk bus route 300 and trains in Myyrmäki. The combined headways of buses 565 and 565B will be about 10 minutes at peak times. Bus 565B will run every 20 minutes at peak times. 

The operating hours of bus 566 will be extended: the bus will run from 5am to 7pm every 30 minutes. The bus is rerouted via Ring Road III between Juvanmalmi and Raappavuorentie intersections. The bus will run via Järvenperä and the separate 566V service will be withdrawn.

Route and stops of bus 522 in theJourney Planner

Route and stops of bus 565 in theJourney Planner

Route and stops of bus 565B in the Journey Planner.

Route and stops of bus 566 in the Journey Planner.

Read more about the changes taking place in Vantaa in August in New bus routes for Central and West Vantaa as well as for North East Espoo. The new routes and timetables are already available in the Journey Planner.