No tram services to Munkkiniemi 1–9 August. Tram 4 will run to Pikku Huopalahti

Tram 4 will be diverted from Monday 1 August to Tuesday 9 August due to roadworks on Tukholmankatu. The tram will not run between Töölön tulli and Munkkiniemi. Passengers are advised to use trunk bus route 500, which runs from Töölön tulli and Munkkiniemen puistotie.

Diversion route of tram 4, Katajanokka – Pikku Huopalahti, 1 August to 9 August

Tram 4 will be diverted to Pikku Huopalahti between Monday 1 August and Tuesday 8 August due to roadworks. The tram will run from the “Kansaneläkelaitos” tram stop straight along Mannerheimintie to Pikku Huopalahti (following the route of tram 10). Tram 4 will not run between Töölön tulli and Munkkiniemi.

Buses 500 and 510 run to Munkkiniemen aukio. Bus 500 follows the same route as tram 4 to Munkkiniemen aukio. At the end of Munkkiniemen puistotie, bus 500 turns to Laajalahdentie, from where it continues to Munkkivuori. In other words, the section of route from Munkkiniemen puistotie to Saunalahdentie is not served. However, neighborhood route 34 runs close to Munkkiniemen puistotie; the bus goes from “Perustie” bus stop to Saunalahdentie. You can also use neighborhood route 33, Ritolehto – Munkkivuori, to get from Vanha Munkkiniemi closer to the stops served by route 500.  

Another option is to take bus 510 from Töölön tulli. The bus runs along Paciuksenkatu to Munkkiniemenaukio, from where it continues along Kuusisaarentie to Otaniemi. In the other direction, we advise passengers to take bus 500 or 510 to Töölön tulli and change to tram 10 or 4 or take a bus to Elielinaukio from the “Töölöntulli” stop on Mannerheimintie.

Tram 4 will not serve the following stops:

“Töölöntulli” (H0113 and H0114) on Tukholmankatu. The stops on Mannerheimintie (H0133 and H0134) will be served.
“Meilahden sairaala” (H0115 and H0116, Meilahti Hospital)
“Meilahdentie” (H0117 and H0118)
“Paciuksenkaari” (H0119 and H0120)
“Munkkiniemen puistotie” (H0121 and H0122)
“Laajalahden aukio” (H0123 and H0124)
“Tiilimäki” (H0125 and H0126)
and the terminus, “Saunalahdentie” (H0127)

Tram 4 will serve the stops for tram 10 along the diversion route to Pikku Huopalahti.

Background to the arrangement

The arrangement is due to the construction of a new turnaround loop at the junction of Tukholmankatu and Haartmaninkatu.