Kuvernöörinpolku to be closed in Yliskylä from 21 October - bus routes 85B, 85N and 802 to be diverted

Kuvernöörinpolku in Yliskylä will be closed to traffic from 21 October. The "Sarvastonkaari" bus stops will be closed and bus routes 85B, 85N and 802 will be diverted via Yliskylän puistokatu and Yliskyläntie.

Bus routes 85B and 85N as well as neighborhood route 802 will start serving the "Yliskylän keskus" (H4161 and H4942) bus stops on Laajasalontie.  The buses will not serve the "Sarvastonkaari" (H4127 and H4128) bus stops. bus  802 will serve the "Yliskylänpuisto" (H4971) stop on Yliskylän puistokatu in the direction of Jollas and the "Yliskylänpuisto" (H4970) stop in the direction of Itäkeskus.

The arrangements are related to the construction of Laajasalontie and they are expected to remain in place until the end of 2022.

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