Changes to services in Westend and Haukilahti on 14 August – new route 105 to be introduced and terminus of bus 550 to move to Keilaniemi

There will be changes to the services in Westend and Haukilahti on 14 August, when route 104, Lauttasaari–Haukilahti, is replaced with route 105, Lauttasaari–Haukilahti–Niittykumpu–Mankkaa. At the same time, the terminus of trunk bus 550 will move from Westendinasema to Keilaniemi.

Route 104, Lauttasaari(M)–Westend–Haukilahti, will be replaced with route 105, Lauttasaari (M)–Haukilahti–Niittykumpu (M)–Mankkaa. The route of bus 105 will remain the same as the route of bus 104. In addition, the route will be extended from Haukilahti via Niittykumpu Metro Station to Mankkaa. The new route makes it possible to reestablish a feeder link from Haukilahti and Westend to Lauttasaari also on weekends as well as provide passengers with a much-anticipated service from Haukilahti to Niittykumpu Metro Station.

The terminus of trunk bus route 550 will move from Westendinasema to Keilaniemi on 14 August. Bus 550 will run along light rail line 15 until there are enough vehicles to increase the service frequency of the light rail line. A new crosstown bus route 523 will start running along the following route: Leppävaara–Ring I–Tapiola–Westendinasema. It will replace the section of trunk bus route 550 from Tapiola to Westendinasema that is to be withdrawn in August. The changes are made to prepare for the launch of the light rail line.

Once route 112 is withdrawn, it will no longer be possible to travel directly to Tapiola from certain stops in Haukilahti. Bus 111 will continue to serve its current route in Westend and in the nearby areas. However, in the future, the bus will terminate at Matinkylä bus terminal. Bus 533 will serve the section between Matinkylä(M) and Hyljelahti. You will still be able to travel from the “Haukilahdenranta” stops to Tapiola for instance by changing from bus 114 to the Metro or to bus 124 or 125 in Niittykumpu.

The changes are part of a larger undertaking to modify bus routes in Leppävaara and Tapiola.

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