Bus 224 to be rerouted via Suna and new route 224B to be introduced on 14 August

Bus 224, Leppävaara–Espoon keskus–Tuomarila, will be rerouted to run from Tuomarila to Espoon keskus via Suna from 14 August. The new route will be Tuomarilantie–Sunankaari–Sunanniityntie–Sunantie.At tha same time, a new route 224B will start running from Kauniainen via Espoon keskus to Tuomarila.

The combined headways of buses 224 and 224B between Kauniainen and Tuomarila will be 15 minutes on weekdays. Buses 224 and 224B also enable smooth interchanges to E and U trains at the Kauniainen railway station.

The changes are related to the changes to bus routes in Leppävaara and Tapiola. For more information, see Changes to bus routes in Espoo in autumn 2023

Kartta linjan 224 reitistä