Changes to the names of bus stops in Espoo and Helsinki from 21 October

Some bus stops were renamed in Helsinki and Espoo from 21 October when the the new light rail line 15 started operating. There are more than 4,000 pairs of bus stops in the HSL area and each stop has a name.

Changes in Helsinki

On Pitäjänmäentie, the “Valimotie” bus stops are renamed “Kutomotie”. The new tram stop nearby is also called “Kutomotie”. The “Vihdintie” stops on Ring I served by bus 533 are renamed “Konalan puisto”.

In Maunula, the stop served by neighborhood route 603 is renamed “Suonotkonkuja”. The stop is located separately from other stops called “Maunula”, which are on Pakilantie in front of Maunula House.

In Oulunkylä, the “Norrtäljentie” bus stops are renamed “Teinipuisto”. The Teininpuisto green area is located between Käskynhaltijantie and Oulunkylä Church. The “Kustaankartano” stop on Kivalterintie served by bus 53 and neighborhood route 603 ia renamed “Kivalterintie 16”. The stop is far from the “Kustaankartano” stops on Käskynhaltijantie. The “Kivalterintie” stop is renamed “Kivalterintie 20”. 

In Myllypuro, the “Myllärintie” stop is renamed “Karhukallio” to align the names of the bus stops with the names of the tram stops named after a new residential development planned for the area. “Holkkitie” bus stops are renamed “Kauppamyllyntie”. The “Kauppamyllyntie” stops on Ratasmyllyntie served by bus 92 are renamed “Myllyväenkatu” so that the bus and tram stops on Viilarintie do not get mixed up with stops elsewhere.


Changes in Espoo

In Espoo the name changes are related to the introduction of light rail stops. The “Säterinkatu” bus stops are renamed “Alberganesplanadi”, the “Impilahti” bus stops are renamed “Linnoitustie” and the “Vermontie” bus stop is renamed “Vermo”.