Northern ticket hall at Hakaniemi Metro Station to open on 5 October

The northern ticket hall at the Hakaniemi Metro Station will open partially for passenger use. The A entrance on Toinen linja will open on Thursday 5 October 2023. The second entrance on Porthaninkatu, that is, entrance B, will remain closed. According to estimate, the B entrance will open in November.

The metro station has a new escalator that will carry passengers between the A entrance on Toinen linja and the ticket hall. Moreover, the renovation of the ticket hall has brought improvements to fire safety, energy efficiency and access control. The floors and walls inside the ticket hall have been remodelled in full and the lighting has been improved.

Furthermore, new retail spaces have been built inside the ticket hall. From the ticket hall, there is also a direct access to the retail store located on the bottom floor in the neighboring Lyyra city block. In addition, new premises are currently being built on the bottom floor.

According to estimate, the northern B entrance on Porthaninkatu and the lifts in the ticket hall will open in November 2023. For now, the southern entrance on the Hakaniemi Market Square side provides an accessible route to the Metro.

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