Bus route 711K to improve weekend services between Jakomäki and Heikinlaakso from 6 April

Delivering on our promise to improve our services, we will introduce a new bus route 711K between Hakaniemi, Kuusikko and Tikkurila. Starting from Saturday 6 April, the new route will operate on weekends.

Bus route 711K will serve seven new pairs of stops and provide services also for the areas of Jakomäki and Heikinlaakso. The new bus route will also improve services to Helsinki Outlet, as it will serve the “Korvasienentie” (H3867 / H3839) stop on weekends. Up until now, the stop has been served by bus route 553 that operates only on weekdays. 

The total journey time of bus route 711K via Jakomäki and Heikinlaakso is approximately five minutes longer than that of bus route 711, which runs directly via Lahdenväylä between Viikki and Kuusikko. 

You can already find the new route and timetable for bus 711K in the Journey Planner.  

Bus route 711K will serve the following new stops in Jakomäki and Heikinlaakso: 

Louhikkotie (H3510 and H3511)
Somerikkopolku (H3512 and H3513)
Huokotie (H3518 and H3519)
Suurmetsäntie (H3411 and H3412)
Kalliotie (H3413 and H3414)
Heikinlaakso (H3416 and H3868)
Korvasienentie (H3839 and H3867

Route of bus 711K on the map

Linjan 711K reitti kartalla.

The changes are a part of a larger whole with the purpose of improving public transport services during 2024. The improvements will mostly affect evening and weekend services. The aim is to facilitate leisure journeys. More information on the changes.