More frequent metro service between Tapiola and Kivenlahti 19–21 March and 9–11 April

We will add services at the busiest times of the day. We will explore the effects of increasing the metro’s capacity between Tapiola and Kivenlahti at peak times through experiments.

During the experiment, some of the metro services running between Mellunmäki and Tapiola (line M2) will continue from Tapiola to Kivenlahti at peak times. Correspondingly, some of the services to Mellunmäki will depart from Kivenlahti.

During the experiment, the metro will run between Kivenlahti and Tapiola as frequently as every 2.5 minutes at times. Usually, the metro runs on this section of line every five minutes at peak times.

You can see all additional services in the Journey Planner.

Additional services from Kivenlahti

  • 7.59am, 8.09am, 8.19am and 8.29am
  • 4.09pm, 4.19pm, 4.29pm and 4.39pm

Additional services from Tapiola to Kivenlahti

  • 8.07am, 8.17am, 8.27am and 8.37am
  • 4.17pm, 4.27pm, 4.37pm and 4.47pm