Metro services to be disrupted in Kontula due to the renovation of Kontula Metro Station in summer 2024

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, which is responsible for the management of metro stations, will start the renovation of the platform level of Kontula Metro Station in the spring. The renovation will make the station more welcoming and easier to use. Preparatory works for the renovation will start in mid-May. Later in the summer, metro services will be disrupted in Kontula for work on the platform area. Services will also be disrupted in Mellunmäki and Myllypuro at different stages.

The renovation of the Kontula Metro Station will begin after preparatory works conducted in the spring. Later in the summer, metro services will be disrupted in Kontula for work on the platform area. Kontula Metro Station will be closed between 24 June and 4 August.

In addition, switch maintenance and underpass and bridge repair works will be conducted around other metro stations between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki, and Mellunmäki Metro Station will be closed between 3 June and 8 September.

Works will also be conducted in Myllypuro and the Myllypuro station will be closed between 8 July and 4 August. During this time, the M2 metro will terminate in Itäkeskus.

We will provide effective replacement and alternative transport links, signposting, and communications to ensure smooth journeys also during the service disruptions. In East Helsinki, metro replacement buses will run between Itäkeskus and Mellunmäki or between Kontula and Mellunmäki, depending on which section of the line the Metro is operating on.

In addition, metro services to/from the Central Railway Station will be disrupted from 3 June 2024.

We will update information about all the disruptions to metro services and the replacement services at


Works at Kontula Metro Station

During the works, the concrete structures of the platform area at Kontula station will be repaired and the surface materials, suspended ceilings, equipment and furniture will be refurbished. The project also entails improvements to signposting. Wayfinding signs for the visually impaired will also be installed at the station.

At the eastern entrance, facades will be repaired and at the central entrance, lightning will be refurbished and signs for the visually impaired will be installed.

The works will continue until 2025. Towards the end of the works, the western entrance will be completely replaced and new escalators and lifts will be built.

There will be changes to access routes at the station as the works progress.  The eastern end of the station will remain open in the summer, but otherwise the station will be closed during the service disruption.

The Kontula Metro Station was opened in 1986. The platform shelter, the platform and the western entrance are in their original form, and the local residents have often suggested improvements to the station.

The station has three entrances: in the east end, in the center of the platform area and in the west end. The central entrance was renovated in 2002, and the eastern entrance in 2008.

Improving the effectiveness and attractiveness of the station plays an important role in the development of the area. In 2023, an average of 15,400 passengers passed through the station on weekdays, and in the future, passenger numbers are forecast to increase as the area develops.


An illustration of the Kontula Metro Station platform area after the renovation. Illustration: Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd / B&M Architects Ltd