"Malmin sairaala" bus stop in Ylä-Malmi to be relocated on 17 May

The "Malmin sairaala" (H3266) bus stop on Kirkonkyläntie in Ylä-Malmi will be relocated about 150 meters towards Talvelantie on Friday 17 May 2024.

The stop is served by trunk bus route 560 and bus routes 69, 70, 73, 73N, 79, 79N, 561 and 562 in the direction of Malmi.

Neighborhood routes 603, 701 and 702 do not use the stop to be relocated, the closest stop for these buses is "Malmin sairaala" (H3262) in the hospital's courtyard.

The stop is expected to remain in the temporary location for about three weeks. The relocation is due to excavation work.

Kartta Malmin sairaalan pysäkkisiirrosta