HSL to revise route numbering

The numbering of bus routes will be revised so that each route
number is used only on one route in the whole HSL area. At present,
city internal bus routes are numbered city-specifically and some
buses running in different cities have the same route numbers. For
example, there is a bus route 43 in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

The route numbers will be revised in conjunction with another
major route network reform. In Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen the
changes will be made when the Ring Rail Line and West Metro
services begin. In Kerava, the route numbers will be revised at the
same time as in Vantaa. In Kirkkonummi, it is reasonable to make
the changes when bus services planned by HSL begin to operate. In
Sipoo, the route numbering is already in line with the new model.

When route number duplications are eliminated, the existing
numbers of internal bus routes can only be used within one HSL's
member municipality. The aim is that Helsinki internal route
numbers will remain mainly the same as at present. This is
reasonable as the passenger numbers on Helsinki internal bus routes
are the highest and the current route numbers have been in use in
Helsinki longer than in the other municipalities. On the other
hand, the introduction of the West Metro and Ring Rail Line will
cause major changes in Espoo and Vantaa in any case. 

Regional routes numbered according to direction

Regional bus routes are already numbered in a logical way
according to direction:

100 series: Buses running along Länsiväylä

200 series: Buses running along Turunväylä and Turuntie

300 series: Buses running along Vihdintie

400 series: Buses running along Hämeenlinnanväylä

500 series: Crosstown routes

600 series: Buses running along Tuusulanväylä

700 series: Buses running along Lahdenväylä

800 series: Buses running along Itäväylä

900 series: Transversal routes in neighboring municipalities.

The Executive Board of HSL approved the principles guiding
the revision of route numbers on 27 March. In future, the Board
will decide on the details of changes to route numbers in
conjunction with transport system plans annually.