More environmentally friendly buses to Helsinki

Renewal of the bus fleet in the HSL area continues. In January
2013, a total of 76 new low-emissions EEV compliant buses will
enter service on Helsinki internal bus routes. In addition, during
2013 – 2019, 15 buses meeting the new Euro 6 emission standard will
enter service. Out of these 11 will be energy-efficient lightweight

The new buses will be introduced on Helsinki internal bus
routes tendered by HSL. The tendering round included 20 routes
operated by 106 buses on weekdays. The transport service contracts
will run for seven years from the beginning of 2013. The Executive
Board of HSL approved the award of contracts on 17 April.

All new buses will have air conditioning, ignition interlock
devices, and driving style monitoring units. In addition, 44 buses
will be equipped with an ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program).
Drivers’ safety will be improved by safety cabins and camera
surveillance.  Safety cabins will be installed also in old buses
operating on the routes included in the latest tendering.

Thanks to the new buses, from the beginning of 2013,
low-emissions EEV compliant buses will account for 52.2 percent of
the annual route kilometers on HSL's bus services.

The price level of the services tendered in this round goes
up by 6.6 percent on average, which means that the annual operating
costs will rise by some EUR 1.4 million.

Routes and operators as of 1 January 2013


Current operator

New operator

58, 58B, 59

Oy Pohjolan Kaupunkiliikenne Ab

Oy Pohjolan Kaupunkiliikenne Ab

63, 69

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy

Veolia Transport Vantaa Oy

68, 71, 71V

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy

Veolia Transport Vantaa Oy

92, 92N, 94, 94A, 94B,

94N, 94V, 95, 95N, 97,

97N, 97V

Nobina Finland Oy

Nobina Finland Oy



Changes to Kerava internal bus routes

The Executive Board of HSL approved also new service contracts
for Kerava internal bus routes 5 and 8. As of 13 August 2012, the
routes will be operated by Korsisaari Oy and Taksikuljetus Oy. The
contracts will run only until the end of 2013, unless extended
pursuant to an option provided in the contract.

Kerava internal route 9 will be withdrawn in autumn 2012. The
U line bus 950, Kerava – Nikkilä – Söderkulla, will serve as an
internal bus connection in Kerava.