Rihtniemi nominated as the new Chair of the Finnish Public Transport Association

The Finnish Public Transport Association elected a new Board at
the annual general meeting on 22 March. Suvi Rihtniemi, the
Executive Director of HSL, was elected as the new Chair of the
Board. Sirpa Korte, who is the Turku City Transport Director, was
nominated as Vice Chair. 

The Board comprises nine members. Before Rihtniemi, the
position of the Chair was held by Matti Lahdenranta, Managing
Director of Helsinki City Transport. 

“Public transport plays a key role in the integration of land
use, housing and transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Its
importance is rapidly increasing also in other cities. I am
delighted to participate in the development of public transport on
a national level, and to act as the chief representative of the
interests of the Finnish Public Transport Association,” says

The Board of the Finnish Public Transport

Member (substitute in parentheses)

Matti Lahdenranta, Helsinki City Transport (Pekka Sirviö,
Helsinki City Transport)

Pekka Pirhonen, Tampere City Transport (Ilkka Ala-Maakala,
Tampere City Transport)

Antti Korhonen, VR Commuter Train Services (Teppo Sotavalta,
VR Commuter Train Services)

Simo Andersson, Oy Andersson Ab (Markku Hermonen, Porin
Linjat Oy)

Martti Paunu, Väinö Paunu Oy (Terhi Penttilä, Länsilinjat Oy)

Suvi Rihtniemi, Chair, HSL (Pirkko Lento, HSL)Reijo Mäkinen,
HSL (Arttu Kuukankorpi, HSL)

Mika Periviita, Tampere City Public Transport (Juha-Pekka
Häyrynen, Tampere City Public Transport)

Sirpa Korte, Vice Chair, Turku City Transport (Timo Ahokanto,
Turku City Transport)

The Finnish Public Transport Association is an interest and
cooperation organization of public transport authorities and
operators. The key operating areas of the association are lobbying
decision-makers on issues that are important for urban transport as
well as deepening public transport knowledge and expertise. The
members of the association include operators, city public transport
companies, municipal and private bus companies, VR Commuter Train
Services, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and the public transport
departments of the cities of Tampere and Turku.