HSL at the World Village Festival

Cooperation between HSL and the World Village Festival
continues. The festival takes place in Kaisaniemi Park and Railway
Square on Saturday and Sunday 26—27 May.

This year HSL produces a concert by Jukka Poika & Sound
Explosion Band on Sunday 27 May.The concert is also a culmination
of HSL’s Travel Peace campaign. The key message of the campaign has
been that antisocial or insulting behavior does not belong on
public transport. Everyone should be able to travel and work on
public transport without fear of physical or verbal abuse.

Passengers have been able to record their wishes for travel
peace at the Matkarauhaa.fi website. The travel peace wishes have
been compiled into a book that will be handed over to Deputy Mayor
Pekka Sauri on Sunday 27 May at 12.30pm on the Savanni Stage. After
this, HSL will treat everyone to a rhythmic concert by Jukka Poika
& Sound Explosion Band.

More information about the festival: