Travel Cards can be loaded also at supermarkets and grocery stores

HSL's Travel Card can be loaded at an increasing number
supermarkets and grocery stores in the Helsinki region. You can
load season tickets or value at K-Citymarkets, Prisma stores and at
most of the smaller stores of Ruokakesko, Varoboden and HOK-Elanto
such as K-markets and Alepas. Tickets can be loaded also at several
stores of Lähikauppa.

“The expansion of HSL’s ticket sales network makes the use of
public transport even easier, as passengers can load their Travel
Cards at neighborhood grocery stores and kiosks,” says Pirkko
Lento, the Director of HSL’s Passenger Services Department. 

The new sales points supplement the traditional Travel Card
sales network, which includes R-kiosks in the metropolitan area,
VR's tickets sales points at stations, Stockmann department stores,
and sales points meant for tourists in Helsinki and at the

Commuter vouchers accepted at several stores

Stores that belong to the K group now also accept commuter
vouchers as a means of paying tickets loaded on the Travel Card. In
addition to K-Citymarkets, some of the smaller stores accept
commuter vouchers. Commuter vouchers can be used also at R-kiosks,
Stockmann department stores and VR’s sales point in the Helsinki

Travel Card loading points are marked with HSL's logo.