HSL’s travel time map helps you to choose the best place to live or place your business in terms of transport

HSL has released a test version of travel time maps that can be
used e.g. for finding the best location for home or business in the
Helsinki region. “You can mark on the map the workplaces, schools
and leisure venues of all family members, and find out what would
be the best place to live in order to optimize your
travel. Businesses can utilize the maps to plan the location of
their activities. The graphical maps depict travel times by public
transport, bicycle or on foot," tells Senior Planner Tarja

The map uses colors to depict how far you can get from the
chosen departure points by different modes of travel. The map is
calculated at the user’s computer on the basis of timetables used
in the Journey Planner. The service finds the fastest routes from
the given places at exactly the given times, which means that the
results vary with time and day of the week. 

HSL’s travel time map application has been created by Busfaster
Oy. The maps are available at
http://mak.hsl.fi/. The service is
available in Finnish.  At the moment, the service can be used with
the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera and Safari.

Benefits of  journey optimization

Shorter commuting and personal business journeys save not only
your time and money but they also benefit the environment and
society at large. Some one fourth of the greenhouse emissions
produced by the Helsinki metropolitan area residents are from
transport. According to HSL's Extensive Traffic Survey, the
residents of the Helsinki region commuting area spend on average
about 70 minutes traveling per weekday. By chaining and combining
your journeys you can reduce the time spent traveling.