Municipal decision-makers encourage measures to improve traffic safety

In terms of traffic safety, the most important thing is to
improve the safety of school journeys as well as the safety of
walking and cycling. This is what  municipal decision-makers stated
in a survey on traffic safety conducted by HSL. The least popular
measures were lowering speed limits in population centers and
camera surveillance of the street network. The amount of costs to
municipalities caused by traffic accidents surprised many. All
respondents emphasized that measures to improve traffic safety are


HSL surveyed the views of decision-makers from the 14
Helsinki region municipalities on traffic safety issues in April
2012. The questionnaire was sent to the members of the Executive
Board of HSL as well as to the members of city and municipal boards
and councils. The survey is linked to the Helsinki Region Traffic
Safety Strategy that is being prepared as a follow up to the
Helsinki Region Transport System Plan (HLJ 2011).


A total of 109 responses from all 14 municipalities were
received to the questionnaire. The decision-makers were asked what
kind of information on traffic safety they have to support their
decision-making. They were also asked about the costs incurred by
traffic accidents as well as the most important tools to improve
traffic safety.


According to the survey, half of the decision-makers feel
they get enough information to support their decision-making. The
other half feels they have to make decisions with somewhat (43%) or
totally (8%) inadequate information. More information is needed
about the safety and risks of different traveller groups, the most
dangerous places and typical accidents. Information is wanted also
about measures taken to improve the traffic environment.