New departure place for weekend early morning buses in Kamppi as of 17 August

The departure place of early morning buses from Kamppi to Espoo
will change on 17 August. As of Friday, the buses leave from the
Kamppi terminal also after 2.30am. The change applies to early
morning services operating on Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday
nights as well as to additional early morning services operated on
special occasions such as the Night of Arts. 

Buses 195N, 231N and 270N continue to leave from

After 1.30am, entrance to the Espoo bus terminal is from
Narinkkatori, through the long-distance bus terminal entrance. The
tickets of passengers are inspected at the entrance. To ensure
smooth entrance to the terminal, HSL recommends passengers to use
value tickets as there is only one entrance. As the tickets of all
passengers are inspected, it is advisable to come to the terminal
in good time. Tickets can be purchased at a ticket machine located
by the entrance. 

Changes to late evening and night bus routes to Espoo as of 13

Early morning buses 100N, 130N, 140N, 210N and 220N to Espoo
have been withdrawn and replaced by new N services on regional bus
routes.  New N services have been introduced on routes 109, 132,
147, 150 and 154. The route of bus 270N has changed.  The new N
services run late in the evening and at night.  As the service area
of the new N services is larger than that of the basic services,
the N services replace also the late evening services of other
regional bus routes.