Students get discount on Travel Card tickets – remember to update your card

The autumn term is about to start. Students get a 50% discount
on season and value tickets purchased with Travel Card, provided
they meet certain criteria.

“The student's home municipality must be in the HSL area, and
s/he needs to be a permanent resident," tells Tarja Ikola from

The student must be a full-time student of at least 17 years of
age. The studies must lead to a qualification or degree.

If you are over 30 years old, you need to present a certificate
showing that either Kela or the provincial government of Åland has
granted you student allowance or rehabilitation subsidy.

Post-graduate students and students in apprenticeship
training are not entitled to the discount. Foreign exchange
students can get the discount.

Service points busy

You can load discount-price season tickets and purchase
discount-price value tickets as long as the student status is valid
on your Travel Card. You need to update your Travel Card, i.e.
renew the student status every year.

When you visit a service point to update your card, please bring
with you your Travel Card and HSL’s student discount ticket
application bearing the stamp and signature of your educational

If you have a blue SYL or SAMOK student card, a green SAKKI ry
student card, or an SLL student card with a current term sticker,
the student card is a sufficient proof of studies.

“HSL's service point at the Central Railway Station opens
already at 7.30am. The service point is less crowded in the morning
so it is a good idea to drop in the service point before noon,"
advices Tarja.

Until 7 September, there is a separate service counter for
students at the Central Railway Station. 

Temporary service points at schools

HKL has set up temporary service points for students for
updating their Travel Card information. There are service points in
the Helsinki University main building, at the Viikki campus and at
Aalto University campus in Otaniemi. The temporary service points
are open until 7 September.

In Vantaa and Espoo, Travel Cards can be updated also at
Citizens' Offices. 


More information about the student discount