Travel smart and cut costs

HSL offers employers, companies and other organizations smart
travel services and tools that help you cut mobility costs. In
addition to saving in costs, mobility management measures help
businesses and other organizations to increase their attractiveness
as an employer, improve the wellbeing of their staff, reduce
emissions, and to show their commitment to social

By exchanging company cars, mileage allowances, use of private
cars or parking spaces to employer- subsidized public transport
tickets, promoting cycling and other sustainable modes of
transport, an organization can reach substantial cost savings. 

About one fifth of harmful greenhouse gas emissions are from
traffic. Driving accounts for over half of the emissions. With the
help of mobility management measures, it is possible to reduce
driving by up to 30 per cent. Less driving means not only less
emissions but also less congestion, noise and lack of space. The
location of a workplace or business along good public transport
connections is a key starting point for the effectiveness of the