A free map service helps you to choose the best place to live or place your business

HSL’s new web application helps you to find the ideal location
for home or business in terms of transport connections. The travel
time map shows the accessibility of a given place by public
transport, cycling or walking.  

“You can, for example, mark on the map the workplaces, schools
and leisure venues of all family members, and quickly find out what
would be the best location to live-in in order to optimize your
travel,” says HSL’s Head of Mobility Management Tarja

Businesses can utilize the service to plan the location of their
activities. The map also allows you to compare how far you can get
by different modes of transport within a given time, for example,
is it best to go from home to the library by public transport or

The map application created by BusFaster Oy is based on the
Journey Planner’s timetable data. When you enter an address into
the service, you get a graphical map depicting travel times from/to
the address. The service finds the fastest routes from the given
places at exactly the given times.

About one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in the Helsinki
metropolitan area are from traffic. Our daily mobility choices make
a difference to the environment. Shorter commuting and personal
business journeys save the environment, as well as time and

In addition to the Journey Planner data, several open data
sources have been utilized in the development of the travel time
map application. The base maps included in the service, data on
public services as well as population and employee numbers were all
freely available.

The trial version of the service can be accessed
here. The service
is available in Finnish only.  At the moment, the service can be
used with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Opera and