Code4Europe fellowship programme recruits top developer talents to boost cities’ innovativeness


Why not try something radically different? SIX EUROPEAN
cities are launching a new city innovation model and we want
fellows like you!

Code4Europe is hiring talented developers, entrepreneurs and
designers to help make a breakthrough in how government serves its
citizens. Cutting edge, smart apps and services will be developed
and shared among six participating cities: Helsinki, Amsterdam,
Rome, Berlin, Manchester and Barcelona.  And you could be part of
this, the inaugural year of C4Europe’s fellowship program.
Code4Europe believes there is so much untapped potential operating
outside of local government, and we want to put that talent inside
city hall to make a real impact!

To help citizens to:

• Save time in transit

• Experience more culture within the city

• Live more sustainably

• Feel more connected and be heard

We want to close the gap between the current infrastructure
and the great possibilities our cities can offer. Code4EUurope will
do that by using civic innovators from outside and from within city
government to realize the potential

Why should you apply as a fellow?

Code4EU is injecting top talent right into city hall
to help our governments become more transparent and collaborative. 
Fellows will develop out-of the-box answers to the common
challenges cities are faced with, to not only make a real
difference in each location, but also provide solutions that can be
used in other European cities, and around the world!

More advantages:

Fellows will be salaried, and travel and accommodation expenses
will be reimbursed.  (Each city offers different salaries and
Fellows will travel to Barcelona, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam
for collaboration, education, and fun!
Fellows will get city governance, business development and
digital services training from experts and industry leaders.
Fellows will have local mentors within city hall to provide
Fellows will develop a network of their Code4Europe peers and
mentors that will offer excellent opportunities for continuing
professional development and future endeavors. 
Fellows can collaborate and brainstorm with fellows from other
participating cities online, or in fellowship meetups.
Fellows will gain insight into how city government works,
including developing ICT and digital services.
Fellows will be pioneers in a new governmental innovation
What are the requirements to be selected as a fellow?
Be a great developer or designer
Be creative
Have an eagerness to take up the challenge of developing and
launching a new service concept
Be socially engaged
Be a team player
Don't be afraid to go against the mainstream
Have the flexibility to spend some time traveling for
fellowship meetups

See further information of the two Finnish fellowship programmes
(in Finnish)
(in English)Further information: