Demand-responsive bus service provides easy access to services in Espoon keskus

HSL’s service routes provide more accessible transport service
for those who find the regular public transport difficult to
use. The routes are operated with low-floor minibuses. On these
routes, there is no hurry and when needed the driver helps
passengers on and off the bus. The Espoon keskus service route P80
operates on a demand responsive basis, i.e. you can book a bus ride
and the bus will pick you up from your stop. 

The demand responsive route P80 serves passengers in Espoon
keskus, Tuomarila, Suvela, Suna, Kuuriniity, Ymmersta,
Kaupunginkallio, Mikkelä, Muurala, Miilukorpi, Vesirattaanmäki,
Pitkäniitty, Karhusuo, Hirvisuo and Nupuri. The bus operates
Mon-Fri 9-30am-3pm. To book a ride, call HSL's Travel Information
Center on (09) 4766 4000.

“Service routes are for all passengers, but they have been
designed to serve especially elderly and mobility impaired people.
The routes are planned so that the bus takes people as close to
services as possible to avoid long walking distances,” says Arttu
Kuukankorpi, Head of Group of route network and timetable planning
at HSL.

You can book a ride using the address of your place of
departure, or the number or name of a bus stop. When booking a ride
using an address, the bus will pick you up at the closest bus

You can travel on the demand responsive service with regular
tickets purchased either with an HSL Travel Card or by cash.

There are altogether 10 service routes in Espoo. There is also a
service route in Kauniainen. P80 is the only demand responsive
route, the other routes operate regular routes and timetables. The
service routes operate Monday to Friday. Some of the routes run
every day (Mon-Fri), others only on two or three days a week.

More information and timetables