HSL is launching a ticket survey on U line buses

HSL is conducting a ticket survey on U line buses in
September/October. The survey covers also some regional routes to
Kerava but not U line buses to Kirkkonummi. The survey examines
which tickets passengers use, where they live, what is the average
journey length and what are the feeder modes used. The survey
begins on 10 September and runs until the end of October. 

The survey is conducted by HSL's ticket inspectors along with
normal ticket inspections. They will ask passengers to show their
tickets and tell where they live, where they got on the bus, what
is their destination and how did they come to the departure stop
and how will they continue from the exit stop. 

We hope that passengers will respond positively to the survey
and have their tickets ready to present. In this way, the survey
can be carried out without unnecessary delays and

The ticket survey will provide information about the tickets
used, passengers’ home municipalities and their use of U line
buses. The information will be used in the planning and development
of the services.