Autumn leaves make tram tracks slippery

In autumn, extra care should be taken near tram tracks as the
leaves falling from trees make the tracks slippery and lengthen the
braking distance of the trams. For commuter trains, problems are
caused by frost.

Autumn’s leaf-strewn streets are an annual nuisance. The leaves
are crushed by the wheels of the trams and form an oily mass that
makes the wheels slip.  

HKL’s track cleaning cars are constantly at work but the wind
blows more leaves all the time and the cleaned tracks are soon
covered with leaves again. Tram drivers would like to remind
drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to take this problem into
consideration when moving about the town. Do not cross the street
at the last minute if you see a tram coming.

The slippery tracks also make it difficult for the trams to keep
to the timetables. The situation is the most difficult in areas
where trees grow right next to the tracks, for example on
Mäkelänkatu and Munkkiniemen puistotie. 

Frost causes problems to commuter trains

For commuter trains, a bigger problem is the moisture that
condenses on the surface of the tracks on cold nights.

The braking distances become longer, the slippery tracks pose
problems for the acceleration of the trains and the trains can be