No more night fare for season ticket users

Next year HSL's regular customers, i.e. users of season tickets
will pay some EUR 2 more for a 30-day internal season ticket than
now. In future, season tickets will be valid also during the night
fare hours.

Ticket prices will rise on average by 3.5 percent at the
beginning of 2013. Next year, a city internal 30-day ticket will
cost EUR 45.90, a regional 30-day ticket EUR 95.80. At present, the
corresponding prices are EUR 44 and EUR 92.10

The prices of internal value tickets will rise by 6 cents to EUR
1.90, while the price of single tickets purchased from drivers will
rise by 10 cents to EUR 2.80. The prices of regional single and
value tickets will remain the same.

Ticket prices are the same in all HSL municipalities. In
Helsinki, value and season tickets for children have been cheaper
than in the other municipalities, but from the beginning of next
year the discount will be 50 percent on the corresponding adult

The prices of general season tickets and multi-user season
tickets available for all customers will rise substantially more
that the prices of subsidized season tickets sold to residents of
HSL municipalities.  In the years to come, HSL's aim is to adjust
the prices of these tickets to offset the cost of travel.

HSL is proposing to the Ministry of Transport and Communications
that the penalty fare on HSL area public transport would be raised
to EUR 100. The penalty fare has been EUR 80 since 2007.

Prices 2013

Season tickets to be valid throughout the night

From the beginning of 2013, season tickets will be valid also
during the night fare hours from 2am to 4.30am. Users of season
tickets are regular public transport customers who will thus, in
future, be able to travel with the same ticket regardless of the
time of day. The change will also improve the drivers' safety and
make travelling smoother as ticket selling and handling of cash

At the moment, season tickets are not valid during the night
fare hours but also season ticket users have to purchase a night
time single or value ticket. Direct debit season tickets and free
tickets are an exception; they are valid also during the night fare

The removal of the night fare does not apply to schoolchild
tickets or season tickets which school authorities grant to
students entitled to free school journeys.